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Who Am I?

Fr. Dan Ponisciak, C.S.C.

The Real OC: The family that eats together

Author: Mr. John Whittaker

Posted In: Old College and Seminary Life

Fr Ed Obermiller, CSC with sous chefs

Thanksgiving, perhaps more than any time of the year, is when our minds (and stomachs) turn to thoughts of meals.  In our latest post giving us a glimpse into life in Old College, our undergraduate seminary, John Whittaker, shares about their tradition of Sunday meals, including a special one that happened just a week ago. Read More

Happy Thanksgiving

Author: Fr. Pat Neary, C.S.C.

Posted In: Feasts

Fr Pat Neary, CSC

In a Thanksgiving Day treat, we are posting from The Cross, Our Only Hope the reflection written by Fr. Pat Neary, C.S.C., for this beautiful day. Enjoy, and have a blessed Thanksgiving! Read More

It all adds UP: The Middle Man

Author: Fr. Charlie McCoy, C.S.C.

Posted In: Education and Universities and Colleges


One of my best friends and mentors in Holy Cross once told me that what attracted him most to our congregation was the variety of our ministries. “I knew I’d be less likely to get bored or slip into an unhealthy rut,” he said with his usual matter-of-fact wisdom. Now I’m not a person for whom boredom is a real problem; life usually entertains or intrigues . . . Read More

Discernment Retreat: No longer hide and seek

Author: Holy Cross Vocations US Province

Posted In: Discernment, Vocation Office, and Vocations


This past weekend, the Office of Vocations hosted an amazing 23 vocations prospects. Nineteen of them attended the annual College Discernment Retreat held at the Holy Cross Center in La Porte, Ind. Running point on the retreat for the Office of Vocations was Fr. Drew Gawrych, C.S.C., the associate director, and he filed the following post on the retreat. Read More

Into Africa: "X" Marks the Spot

Author: Fr. Pat Neary, C.S.C.

Posted In: East Africa and Mission

Yellow X for demolition

Fr. Pat Neary, C.S.C., sent his latest post about his missionary adventures in East Africa. Today's is a real adventure as he shares about the trials - and the graces - of the government's forced demolition of our seminary in Kenya. Please keep him and our seminary community in your prayers. Read More

Diary of a Mountain Priest: My Brother, André

Author: Fr. Vince Kuna, C.S.C.

Posted In: Parish


Today we have the latest post from Fr. Vince Kuna, C.S.C., who is at our parish in Colorado Springs. Like most of us in Holy Cross, his life and ministry this past month have really been enlivened by Saint André, so in his post today, Fr. Vince shares his homily from the Sunday before the canonization. Enjoy. Read More

Learning the Ropes: Growing in the Faith

Author: Mr. Brian Ching, C.S.C.

Posted In: Parish and Seminary Life


Seminarian and vocation blogger Brian Ching, C.S.C., who is on a pastoral year at St. John Vianney Parish in Goodyear, Ariz., has emailed in with his latest post on life and ministry there. Today he shares his experience of being part of the vibrant RCIA there. Read More

Our resurrection and our life

Author: Fr. Kevin Grove, C.S.C.

Posted In: Community

All Souls Day procession

Every November 2nd, on the Commemoration of All Souls, we in Holy Cross in communion with the whole Church celebrate our faithful departed. As our Constitutions state, “The footsteps of those men who called us to walk in their company left deep prints, as of men carrying heavy burdens. But they did not trudge; they strode. For they had the hope.” Read More

Called to Walk in Their Footsteps: Brother James Lakofka, C.S.C.

Author: Fr. Jim Connelly, C.S.C.

Posted In: Holy Cross Heroes and Profiles of CSCs

Fr James Connelly, CSC

Fr. Jim Connelly, the Superior of Holy Cross House, the community’s medical and retirement facility, continues his moving monthly series on some of the heroic, faith-filled men in Holy Cross who have blazed the path of holiness for the rest of us. Today, we learn about Br. James Lakofka, C.S.C., a devoted son of Mary who even at 93 continues as the Director of the Archconfraternity of Our Lady of Lourdes. Read More

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