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Who Am I?

Fr. Dan Ponisciak, C.S.C.

Catholic Schools Week: “It’s Who We Are”

Author: Mr. Brogan Ryan

Posted In: Education

Brogan Ryan teaching in ACE

Today we continue our celebration by hearing from Brogan Ryan who gave two years of his life teaching in Catholic schools through the Alliance for Catholic Education. Since its founding in 1994 by Fr. Scully and Fr. Sean McGraw, C.S.C., ACE has become the largest provider of Catholic school teachers in the United States. It is a powerful way that as educators in the faith, Holy Cross in collaboration with many committed lay men and women continues to bring hope to Catholic schools. Read More

Catholic Schools Week: Bringing Hope

Author: Fr. Tim Scully, C.S.C.

Posted In: Education


From our founding, the Congregation of Holy Cross has been committed to Catholic Education as an essential part of the Church’s mission of spreading the Good News and establishing God’s Kingdom in this world. To mark Catholic Schools Week this year, we have a series of posts highlighting the work of Holy Cross in this important mission field. We begin with one of the great educators in the faith in Holy Cross today, Fr. Timothy Scully, C.S.C., the director of Notre Dame’s pioneering Institute for Educational Initiatives. He lays out for us the challenge, but also the hope of Catholic Education today … as well as a little preview of what Holy Cross is doing to help bring about that hope. Read More

Pope John Paul II: Living without Fear

Author: Fr. Hugh Cleary, C.S.C.

Posted In: Universal Church


Together with the rest of the Church, we in Holy Cross celebrated the wonderful news on January 14 that Pope John Paul II would be beatified by his successor, Pope Benedict XVI, on the May 1, 2011 – Divine Mercy Sunday. To help us prepare for that grace-filled occasion, we asked the Holy Cross priest who probably knew JPII the best, Fr. Hugh Clearly, C.S.C., our former Superior General, to share with us some reflections on this truly great and holy man. Read More

Fr. Neil Wack, C.S.C., named Distinguished Pastor by NCEA

Author: Holy Cross Vocations US Province

Posted In: Education, In the Press, and Parish


Tomorrow marks the beginning of Catholic Schools Week. So on the eve of that great week, it is a great joy to share the news that one of our Holy Cross pastors, Fr. Neil Wack, C.S.C., was named a Distinguished Pastor by the National Catholic Education Assocation (NCEA) for his "outstanding support of Catholic Education". Fr. Neil is pastor at the parish he grew up in as a child - Christ the King Parish in South Bend, IN. Read More

Downtown Chapel renamed St. André Bessette Catholic Church

Author: Holy Cross Vocations US Province

Posted In: Parish and Saint André Bessette


By the decree of The Most Reverend John Vlazny, Archbishop of Portland in Oregon (US), the Downtown Chapel, which had been formally known as St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, has been renamed for the first saint in the Congregation of Holy Cross. Effective as of January 6, 2011, the landmark parish at the intersection of West Burnside and Sixth Avenue is now St. André Bessette Catholic Church, perhaps making it the first parish in the world – or at least the first in the United States – to bear the name of this saintly Holy Cross brother. Read More

Into Africa: My First Christmas in Africa

Author: Fr. Pat Neary, C.S.C.

Posted In: East Africa and Mission


Although the Christmas season officially came to an end last week, Fr. Pat Neary, C.S.C., takes us back one last time in his post this month to that great feast as he shares with us about his first Christmas in Africa, having become superior of our seminary there. Read More

Happy Feast Day: Blessed Basil Moreau

Author: Fr. Kevin Grove, C.S.C.

Posted In: Blessed Basil Moreau, Feasts, and Spirituality

Blessed Basil Moreau

A happy feast day to one and all, as all of us in the Holy Cross family celebrate the feast day of our founder, Blessed Basil Moreau. As celebrations take place throughout the world, we dive into the festivities on our blog with a reflection on Blessed Moreau as a man of prayer, written by Fr. Kevin Grove, C.S.C. At the end of the reflection is a prayer for the canonization of Moreau. May the example and intercession of Blessed Moreau make all of us, like him, men and women of deep prayer, men and women who are God’s saints. Read More

Fighting for Life: Priests and Seminarians Heading to March for Life

Author: Holy Cross Vocations US Province

Posted In: Seminary Life

March for Life Mass

One week from today on Monday, January 24, 2011, over a dozen of our Holy Cross seminarians from Old College and Moreau Seminary as well as several of our Holy Cross priests, including Fr. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., the President of the University of Notre Dame, will be participating in the March for Life in Washington, D.C. Read More

Ivy League Catholic: On Tap

Author: Fr. Peter Walsh, C.S.C.


Fr. Peter Walsh, C.S.C, checks in from Gryphon’s Pub with his installment for his column this month on his work as a campus minister at Yale. Who knew that a few spirits together with the Spirit would help deepen our understanding of the new translation of the Mass? Read More

Diary of a Mountain Priest: Off the mountain and into the hood

Author: Fr. Vince Kuna, C.S.C.

Posted In: Parish


From the shadow of Pike’s Peak in Colorado Springs, CO, Fr. Vince Kuna, C.S.C, has sent in his latest blog entry sharing his adventures as a parish priest. Today he shares how the needs of the people of God in our midst, often in our very neighborhoods, call us to a deeper witness. Read More

Happy First Feast Day!

Author: Holy Cross Vocations US Province

Posted In: Community and Saint André Bessette

Saint André

January 6th is a big day for the Congregation of Holy Cross. Of course, January 6th has traditionally been the celebration of the Feast of Epiphany (although in the United States the feast has been transferred to the first Sunday after January 1). January 6th is also the day that Saint André Bessette died in this world and was born in the world to come. Usually, the Church celebrates the saints on the day of their birth into eternal life, but in future years, Saint André’s feast will be celebrated on January 7th to avoid the Feast of Epiphany. This year, however, having just been canonized on October 17, 2010, by Pope Benedict XVI, we mark this humble, holy Brother of Holy Cross on the day the Lord received him into eternal life 74 years ago. Read More

Sermon on the Street: Trees and Cupcakes

Author: Fr. Eric Schimmel, C.S.C.

Posted In: André House


As we are still in the twelve days of Christmas leading up to the traditional feast of the Epiphany on January 6th, Fr. Eric Schimmel, C.S.C., the director of André House for the homeless in Phoenix, spends his monthly column helping us unpack the true meaning of this holy season in a way only he can … through trees and cupcakes. Read More

Rewnewing the Spirit of Our Vocation

Author: Holy Cross Vocations US Province

Posted In: Blessed Basil Moreau

Blessed Basil Moreau

A happy and blessed New Year to all from all of us here in the Office of Vocations!  Blessed Basil Moreau, the founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross, always marked the beginning of a new year by writing a circular letter to the community.  In celebration of the start of 2011, we are posting an excerpt from one of these circular letters, dating from January 4, 1845.  May the ringing in of this New Year be, as Blessed Moreau urges us, a time to overcome any spiritual complacency and pursue with ever greater zeal our vocations Read More

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