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Who Am I?

Fr. Dan Ponisciak, C.S.C.

The Current of Hope

Author: Fr. William Dorwart, C.S.C.

Posted In: In the Press and Profiles of CSCs

Fr Dorwart, CSC presiding at Mass

After the recent tragedy at the Navy Yard, Fr. William Dorwart, C.S.C., serving as a Roman Catholic chaplain for Naval District Washington, writes about the abiding need for hope in this world where suffering is ever-present. Read More

Living Out Lives of Discipleship

Author: Fr. Brian Ching, C.S.C.

Posted In: Mission and Parish

Fr Brian Ching, CSC

Fr. Brian Ching, C.S.C. writes about the zeal and enthusiasm he witnessed during the youth Mission trip to the Appalacian Mountains. These youth were living out  Pope Francis' call to be attentive to the needs of the poor.  Read More

Humility and a SCOTUS Justice

Author: Fr. Charlie McCoy, C.S.C.

Posted In: Education, In the Press, and Universities and Colleges


During my first year at the University of Portland, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia spoke on campus. His talk gave me new insights into the First Amendment; it was enlightening, but somewhat expected. Justice Clarence Thomas’ visit yielded a far more surprising and important blessing: he gave me new insights into the first Beatitude. Read More

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