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Who Am I?

Fr. Dan Ponisciak, C.S.C.

The Agony and the Ecstasy

Author: Fr. Tony Szakaly, C.S.C.

Posted In: Homilies and Reflections

Lenten Cross

It can be hard as a child to understand the ascetic practices of the Lenten Season, but a more mature faith incorporates its lessons as the Church’s fast before the feast.

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East Africa: The Word Made Flesh

Author: Fr. Jim Phalan, C.S.C.

Posted In: Holy Cross Family Ministries and Mission

Prayer Guild in Kampala

When we work, moved by the Holy Spirit, we cooperate in making Jesus present to those we serve. Jesus is present to us in many ways, in the Sacraments, in the Word, but we also desire to make him present by the way we love those placed before us. This is what is happening in East Africa. Read More

Daily Little Ways

Author: Fr. Brian Ching, C.S.C.

Posted In: Homilies and Reflections and Parish

Fr Brian Ching, CSC

God is not only present in the moments we set aside to invite Him in, but in all moments. How can we be more aware of that presence even in the midst of our everyday tasks? Read More

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