Who Am I?

Author: Fr. Dan Ponisciak, C.S.C.

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Fr Dan Ponisciak, CSC

How important it is for us to serve as stewards of God’s grace for our children so that they can grow into the people God created them to be! Read More

New School Year at Stonehill

Author: Fr. Tony Szakaly, C.S.C.

Posted In: Education and Universities and Colleges


I can’t believe that we are already a month into the school year here at Stonehill College.  There’s been a lot packed into that month. This year in particular has been fun, because of the presence of our new deacon, Rev. Mr. Tim Mouton, CSC.  His energy and zeal has added so much energy to the campus. Read More

Education in the Faith

Author: Mr. Ryan Pietrocarlo, C.S.C.

Posted In: Education, México, and Mission


Education in the faith is very important here in the parish because the majority of the people here cannot afford Catholic schools.  Consequently, many people do not receive a Catholic education, and these classes at the parish are the only exposure they have to the tenets of the faith Read More

Teaching by Example

Author: Fr. Brian Ching, C.S.C.

Posted In: Community, Education, and Parish

Fr Brian Ching, CSC with a St Joseph school student

The true transformative power of our parochial schools is not what is found in the classroom curriculum, though that is certainly important, but what we are able to teach about the Christian life through the example and life of our faculty, staff, and entire parish community. Read More

Stonehill Frosh-O

Author: Fr. Tony Szakaly, C.S.C.

Posted In: Education and Universities and Colleges

Stonehill College

Holy Cross’ universities and colleges are gearing up for the next academic year. Fr. Tony reflects on seeing a new class of Stonehill College freshman start out on their next four years of life and faith. Read More

Humility and a SCOTUS Justice

Author: Fr. Charlie McCoy, C.S.C.

Posted In: Education, In the Press, and Universities and Colleges


During my first year at the University of Portland, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia spoke on campus. His talk gave me new insights into the First Amendment; it was enlightening, but somewhat expected. Justice Clarence Thomas’ visit yielded a far more surprising and important blessing: he gave me new insights into the first Beatitude. Read More

Universal Languages

Author: Fr. Charlie McCoy, C.S.C.

Posted In: Education, Priesthood, and Universal Church

Fr Charlie McCoy, CSC

Fr. Charlie McCoy, C.S.C., reflects on his time doing mathematics research in Bulgaria over the summer, and shares insights on how his ministry as a professor and scholar, and his vocation as a Catholic priest can mutually inform one another. Read More

Bringing Your Priesthood to the Classroom

Author: Fr. Richard Gribble, C.S.C.

Posted In: Education and Universities and Colleges


"Priesthood gives me unique entrée, not only to the subject matter, but more importantly to the lives of the students I am privileged to serve,” writes Fr. Richard Gribble, C.S.C., Professor of Religious Studies at Stonehill College. “My life as a scholar is, therefore, a direct extension of my priesthood in the Congregation of Holy Cross.” Read More

Why do I teach? ... I Am What I Do

Author: Fr. Jeffrey Cooper, C.S.C.

Posted In: Education and Universities and Colleges

Fr Jeffrey Cooper, CSC

"Why do I teach?" That is the question that Fr. Jeff Cooper, C.S.C., reflects upon and tries to answer in this blog post. An Assistant Professor of Theology at the University of Portland, Fr. Jeff writes, "The short answer to that question is: I really don’t know what else to do." The long answer? "I am learning (yes, very much still learning) that it is because 'I am what I do.'" Read More

Moreau’s Vision: A Family Education

Author: Fr. James King, C.S.C.

Posted In: Blessed Basil Moreau and Education

Fr Dan Groody, CSC teaching

As one studies Moreau’s spirituality, it becomes apparent that it is focused upon the most basic gospel demands: to be an apostle, to pick up one’s cross daily, and to conform one’s self wholly to the person of Jesus Christ, writes Fr. Jim King, C.S.C., as we mark Blessed Basil Moreau's Feast Day. "He shaped his students and his Congregation to do that, not apart from the world but to go forth out into it as Jesus did himself. That is what Moreau meant when he said that the task of Holy Cross was to educate them in such a way that they became citizens for both society and heaven." Read More

Teaching the Preaching of the Good News

Author: Fr. Mike Connors, C.S.C.

Posted In: Education and Universities and Colleges

Fr Mike Connors, CSC

“I try to preach, and to teach preaching, in a way that … [animates] others to see life the way God sees it,” writes Fr. Mike Connors, C.S.C., the Director of the John S. Marten Program in Homiletics and Liturgics at Notre Dame. “For me, standing before the assembled People of God is still terrifying, a shouldering of the Cross – yet also a joy and a life-giving privilege. To be used by God, to be part of the announcement of God’s nearness, goodness and compassion, to point to a future previously unseen and not of our own making – this is enormously humbling.” Read More

Teaching the Religion-Science Relationship

Author: Fr. Thomas E. Hosinski, C.S.C.

Posted In: Education and Universities and Colleges

Fr Thomas Hosinkski, CSC

“In both written scholarship and research shared in classroom instruction, seminars, and public presentations, I have engaged in the religion-science dialogue,” writes Fr. Thomas E. Hosinski, C.S.C., a Professor of Theology at the University of Portland. “Because of the importance of this dialogue in my own faith journey, I have tried to guide young minds as they deal with questions similar to the ones that troubled me.” Read More

Engaging Faith in the English Classroom

Author: Fr. Tony Grasso, C.S.C.

Posted In: Education and Universities and Colleges

Fr Tony Grasso, CSC

“After they discover that I teach English, people often ask: ‘Don't priests usually teach theology?’” writes Fr. Tony Grasso, C.S.C., Professor of English at King’s College. “Literary and artistic works contain so much that pertains to and emanates from the deeper things of life, that it does not seem at all strange for a religious or priest to be engaged in the arts. Often we can discern in the human values under discussion the levels of imaginative and spiritual understanding.” Read More

Researching for Understanding, Healing and Hope

Author: Fr. Kevin P. Spicer, C.S.C.

Posted In: Education and Universities and Colleges

Fr Kevin Spicer, CSC

"My vocation as a priest and the apostolic ministry in which I engage as a professor of history are intertwined and incredibly rewarding," writes Fr. Kevin Spicer, C.S.C., professor of history at Stonehill College. "As a professor, I am required not only to teach, but also to write and publish about my area of specialty. As a priest, I am intrigued to learn how ordinary clergy responded to Nazism." Read More

A Border Theologian, an Educator in the Faith

Author: Fr. Daniel Groody, C.S.C.

Posted In: Education and Universities and Colleges

Fr Dan Groody, CSC

“My life as a Holy Cross priest has shaped me into what may be called, ‘A Border Theologian,’” writes Fr. Daniel Groody, C.S.C., about his scholarship. “It has led me from initial formation to the parish to doctoral studies to teaching at Notre Dame. It has led me from the borders between Chile and Peru to those between Mexico and the United States. Now it sends me to the borders between Slovakia and Ukraine, Malta and Libya, Morocco and Spain, and Egypt and the other Arab States.” Read More

Priest and Professor: No hyphen needed

Author: Fr. Claude Pomerleau, C.S.C.

Posted In: Education and Universities and Colleges

Fr Claude Pomerleau, CSC

“Both from my theology in Le Mans and Rome (during Vatican II) where my professors were among the best research and teaching scholars of the Council, and from my teachers at Notre Dame and the University of Denver who pushed me to study religion in Europe and Latin America, I have never found that there was any need to connect my world of ministries with hyphens,” writes Fr. Claude Pomerleau, C.S.C. “My research and education come from the parishes, colleges, universities, and prisons of Chile and Argentina. Today, these same world classrooms provide all the academic and ministerial challenges needed to nourish my vocation.” Read More

Seek out the lost sheep

Author: Fr. Charlie McCoy, C.S.C.

Posted In: Education and Universities and Colleges

Fr Charlie McCoy, CSC teaching

“During my first three years at the University of Portland, I have appreciated it as a tremendous center of human talent, creativity and excellence” says Fr. Charlie McCoy, C.S.C. "But as a priest these great blessings also embody a kind of temptation to neglect a major part of my vocation. For when describing how a good shepherd should behave, Jesus asks, 'If a man owns a hundred sheep, and one of them wanders away, will he not leave the ninety-nine on the hills and go to look for the one that wandered off?'" Read More

Catholic Schools Week: Jesus Lives Here

Author: Fr. Peter Pacini, C.S.C.

Posted In: Education and Parish

Fr Peter Pacini, CSC teaching

“‘Jesus lives here.’  That was one of the responses that we received from our students when we asked them to reflect on their experience of St. Adalbert School and what makes it special,” writes Fr. Peter Pacini, C.S.C., the pastor of St. Adalbert & St. Casimir Parishes in South Bend, Ind. “That first grader stated succinctly, and with a wisdom revealed only to children, why our educational mission at St. Adalbert’s matters. … St. Adalbert School is a beacon of faith and hope for children growing up in a very tough environment.” Read More

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