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Final Vows Lucernarium

Author: Fr. Kevin Russeau, C.S.C.

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Fr. Kevin Russeau, C.S.C., pastor of St. Joseph parish in South Bend, shares his homily from Final Vows Lucernarium, which kicks off the observance of the Perpetual Profession of Vows and Ordination to the Diaconate of six of our Holy Cross Seminarians. Fr. Kevin shares that prayer must be the center of a seminarian or novice's life, but must continue to be the center for the rest of religious life and ordained ministry as well. Read More

First Mass Homily: Fr. Patrick Reidy, C.S.C.

Author: Fr. Patrick Reidy, C.S.C.

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Fr Patrick Reidy, CSC

Read the homily from Fr. Pat's First Mass, celebrated at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. In attendance, in addition to his family and Holy Cross Confreres, were many men from Keough Hall, where Fr. Pat serves as Rector. He preached, on this Sunday of Many Names, about how the Holy Spirit calls us out of fear, and invites us to form community. Read More

First Mass Homily: Fr. Adam Booth, C.S.C.

Author: Holy Cross Vocations

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Fr Adam Booth, CSC

Fr. Adam Booth, C.S.C., shares his first Mass homily, "Jesus Breaks For Us," given Sunday, April 27, 2014, at Holy Cross Parish in South Bend, Indiana. The Spirit of Christ that filled the hearts of the first disciples and shaped their community of faith is still present to shape and reshape our prayer and worship today, right here at home. Read More

Bishop Rhoades Ordination Homily 2014

Author: Most Rev. Kevin C. Rhoades, D.D.

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Most Rev Kevin C Rhoades, DD

The Most Reverend Kevin C. Rhoades, D.D., is the bishop of the Diocese of Ft. Wayne-South Bend, and the ordaining bishop today for Fr. Adam Booth, C.S.C., and Fr. Patrick Reidy, C.S.C. We thank Bishop Rhoades for his gracious leadership of our local church, for his care of the Holy Cross religious and institutions in his diocese, and for his pastoral ministry. He has shared the text of today's Mass homily and allowed it to be reproduced here. Read More

Climbing the Holy Stairs

Author: Mr. Rob Ackerman

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Ecce Homo by Caravaggio

In Rome, Pilgrims can pray as they ascend, on their knees, the stairs to the Praetorium that Our Lord climbed as he went to meet Pontius Pilate. In Holy Week we seek to walk with Jesus, but we know that much more, he is the one who bears our burdens. Read More

Holy Week and the Sacred Triduum

Author: Mr. Timothy Weed, C.S.C.

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Holy Week

This week the Church enters into the greatest drama of all time; the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. As we enter into this most Sacred time of the year, let us pray for grace and the ability to draw near to God. Read More

The Joy of Sorrow

Author: Fr. Don Dilg, C.S.C.

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Ash Wednesday

Sorrow for sin is the conviction that I need to choose to rid myself of what is not me, what is sin, so that I may be who I truly am. Yes, I need to repent of sin because sin offends God; but this is because sin prevents the love, the life, of God from coming to wholeness in me. Read More

The Agony and the Ecstasy

Author: Fr. Tony Szakaly, C.S.C.

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Lenten Cross

It can be hard as a child to understand the ascetic practices of the Lenten Season, but a more mature faith incorporates its lessons as the Church’s fast before the feast.

  Read More

Daily Little Ways

Author: Fr. Brian Ching, C.S.C.

Posted In: Homilies and Reflections and Parish

Fr Brian Ching, CSC

God is not only present in the moments we set aside to invite Him in, but in all moments. How can we be more aware of that presence even in the midst of our everyday tasks? Read More

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