The Study of History Bearing the Lord’s Promise

Author: Fr. Stephen Koeth, C.S.C.

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Fr Stephen Koeth, CSC

“I have been an avid student of history all my life,” writes Fr. Stephen Koeth, C.S.C., as he prepares for doctoral studies at Columbia University. “I find that studying the history of the Church in the United States is a perfect compliment to my priestly ministry. In my preaching and sacramental ministry I am privileged to proclaim the story of Jesus’ life, death, and Resurrection and to invite the Baptized into a deeper share in Christ’s life.” Read More

A Home for Studies

Author: Fr. David Eliaona, C.S.C.

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Fr David Eliaona, CSC

“Not so long after I bragged about the ministry of Holy Cross in our Parishes in Tanzania – Kitete and Kambi ya Simba – I took a turn to do advanced studies at the University of Notre Dame and live in residence at Moreau Seminary,” writes Fr. David Eliaona, C.S.C. “[Now] I am about to complete a full year of studies, and there is no way of saying how much I appreciate the community that I have here and the studies that I am getting so much into now.” Read More

Studying the Source and Summit

Author: Fr. Michael Wurtz, C.S.C.

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Fr Michael Wurtz, CSC

“ Whereas before the Second Vatican Council liturgical studies and formation was more or less relegated to dogmatics on one end and pragmatic practica on the other, the Church now lists liturgical studies as one of the top five principal topics of study,” writes Fr. Michael Wurtz, C.S.C., from his studies in Rome. “My doctoral dissertation seeks to understand better both the nature and function of this liturgical formation upon the seminarian as well as its history in the modern era.” Read More

To put out into the deep … studying

Author: Fr. Aaron Michka, C.S.C.

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Fr Aaron Michka, CSC

“Some years back when I was in Old College Undergraduate Seminary, our director, Fr. Charlie Gordon, C.S.C., … talked about the saints swimming deeply in the divine mysteries, beckoning those of us still waiting on the shore to come in and wet our feet,” writes Fr. Aaron Michka, C.S.C., of the Holy Spirit’s inspiration that has led him to advanced studies in Social Anthropology at Oxford University. “Around that same time I met a collection of vibrant Holy Cross priests and brothers passing through Moreau Seminary who had spent considerable time abroad, either in the missions or conducting research.” Read More

Studying for Eternal Life

Author: Fr. Kevin Grove, C.S.C.

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Fr Kevin Grove, CSC

“It is out of this call to be a religious and priest that God, through Holy Cross, has chosen me to study. This means that not only am I studying to make a contribution to knowledge, but I am studying in order to understand our faith more fully,” writes Fr. Kevin Grove, C.S.C., from his doctoral studies at Cambridge. “That’s what theology is: faith seeking understanding. And a contribution to this understanding, which does take a lot of work, is one that can be preached, taught, and can be useful to others on their journeys to life with our Lord.” Read More

Listening to tradition

Author: Fr. Kevin Sandberg, C.S.C.

Posted In: Education and Studies

Fr Kevin Sandberg, CSC holding Tommy

“In the field of religious education we call this traditioning, literally “to hand on or give across generations”, but of late this practice has been recognized to be in need of renewal, to put it mildly,” writes Fr. Kevin Sandberg, C.S.C., about his advanced studies. “So it is to such a ministry that I have been brought by providence and sent on assignment as a professional ‘educator in the faith.’” Read More

Seeking God through Scripture

Author: Fr. Russ McDougall, C.S.C.

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Fr Russ McDougall, CSC

“Whether at Notre Dame, in Jerusalem (for one semester at the Hebrew University and another at the École Biblique), or in Rome (where I studied for the licentiate and am now pursuing doctoral studies),” writes Fr. Russ McDougall, C.S.C., “I’ve found that the study of Scripture has served both to purify and to deepen my faith.” Read More

Drawn by a love for Sacred Scripture

Author: Fr. Brent Kruger, C.S.C.

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Sacred Scripture

“During my studies in the seminary,” recounts Fr. Brent Kruger, C.S.C., “I had had a professor who opened the Scriptures for me in a way that I had never experienced before. My mind and heart were fired by the possibilities of being able to study the Bible.” Now, working on his dissertation on Romans 8:19-30 and looking forward to teaching, Fr. Brent writes, “My study of scripture has a profound impact on how I pray, view the world, and interact with others.” Read More

Studies: An Encounter with God

Author: Fr. Greg Haake, C.S.C.

Posted In: Studies and Vocations


Today we have our second installment in our posts from our Holy Cross men in higher studies. Last month we heard from Fr. Terry Ehrman, C.S.C., who is wrapping up his Doctorate in Theology at Catholic University. This month we hear from Fr. Greg Haake, C.S.C., who is entering the second year of his doctoral studies in French at Stanford University. Please continue to keep these priests and all of our men in higher studies in your prayers. As with Fr. Terry’s post, Fr. Greg’s reflection on his studies reveals these great priests have a lot to teach us and our world. Read More

Higher studies: A higher calling

Author: Fr. Terry Ehrman, C.S.C.

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One of the new features we at Spes Unica are most excited about is a monthly post from one of our men in higher studies. For us in Holy Cross, advanced studies and degrees are an essential part of our ability to continue to fulfill the mission that the Church has entrusted to us as educators in the faith. And so each month we will hear from one of our men in higher studies about what they are studying and how the Lord led them to it. We begin with one of our men who is the closest to finishing his studies, Rev. Terry Ehrman, C.S.C. Join us in praying for him and our other men who are making the great sacrifice now to study so as to better serve the Church and the world in the future. Read More

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