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Whether your first inklings of a vocation to the priesthood or religious life came to you today or you have been discerning for years, the best way to deepen your discernment and discover the answers the Lord is seeking to give you is to get connected with us in the Office of Vocations.

In addition to being in contact with us, we also have an e-newsletter and a blog that can keep you connected with us and the life and mission of Holy Cross. Then there are also the editions of CHOICES, our vocations magazine, and reflections books on the Holy Cross charism that can deepen your connection with us. These different ways of staying connected with us can be tailored to where you are at in your discernment, and they all serve to help you hear the call of the Lord in your life.

Explore today which are the best ways for you to be connected with us.

Contact Us

Contact Us

The best way to be connected with the Congregation of Holy Cross and with the resources that can aid you in your discernment is to be in contact with our Office of Vocations. By filling out this contact form, we can help you find the right way for you to be connected with Holy Cross and further your discernment of God's will.

Cross and Anchors of Holy Cross


The Office of Vocations sends out a monthly e-newsletter, called Duc in Altum, that shares great insights into prayer and discernment as well as keeps you up to date on upcoming opportunities with the Office of the Vocations. Signing up to receive the newsletter is as easy as one click and requires no other commitment from you, yet keeps you connected with your discernment and Holy Cross.

CHOICES Holy Cross Vocations magazine


CHOICES is our quarterly magazine that provides information about our men, our mission, and our seminary programs. We mail it out to all of those who are in contact with our office, but you can also check out the current issue as well as back issues on-line.

The Cross, Our Only Hope


A great way to dive deeper into the Holy Cross spirituality and tradition is through the series of reflection books our priests and brothers have put together. This series of books connects you to root of who we are and what we do as Holy Cross religious.

Spes Unica


One of the best ways to stay in regular connect with Holy Cross is to sign up for our vocations blog that features regular posts from our seminarians as well as our priests and brothers in their various ministries. Besides checking out the blog, you can have the posts sent to your inbox with just one click and, like our newsletter, requires no other commitment from you.

K-2 Vocations Curriculum

Vocations Curriculum

To Make God Known, Loved and Served is a vocation curriculum offered as a free download. The intent is to provide these resources to grade school teachers and catechists to assist them in their efforts to help students come to a deeper appreciation of the Church's vision of vocation. It is the hope that engaging this curriculum the students themselves will begin to consider God's call in their own life.

Discernment Guide One

Resources for Discernment Groups

These guides were developed to provide structure for a discernment group at the High School or College level.  They could also be used in a parish setting. There are three manuals with 12 sections in each one.  The first manual covers topics related to general discernnment, the second discernment to the priesthood, and the third delves into discernment with Holy Cross specifically.  

2014-15 The Year of Consecrated Life

2014-15 The Year of Consecrated Life

Pope Francis has anounced that beginning in November of 2014 the Church will observe a Year of Consecrated Life. The Congregation of Holy Cross has put together a resource page to provide materials for those wanting to learn more, or to find ways to incorporate awareness of the consecrated life into activities that are currently taking place in your parish, school or diocese.