Plenty to Do

September 2013 — Vol. 3, Issue 2

Fr Jim Gallagher, CSC

An aspect of my life in Holy Cross that I find immensely exciting is that I will not be wanting for something engaging to do for the rest of my life. 

This was not always the case.

I entered Holy Cross having studied engineering in college. I then worked for two years in the business world. I studied engineering because it was interesting and challenging but after two years working in the field, I no longer found myself interested or challenged. There were possibilities in the engineering field that would be more challenging, but nothing that I found compelling or engaging.

It was at that time that I decided to stop trying to find something that I wanted to do and to start asking the Lord what it was that He had in store for me. God has a much wider view of our life and our world. He has the wonderful capacity to see more clearly than we can where our life will find its fulfillment.  Seeking His will is a decision that made all the difference in my life.  I am back to being challenged, interested, and fulfilled. 

As the director of vocations, I have had the exciting opportunity to travel and visit the many schools, parishes, and ministries of Holy Cross. With each visit, I see another ministry placement that I would be happy to join. 

Indeed when people ask me what I would do if I could have my pick of any Holy Cross placement, I often provide a long list as opposed to a singular placement. 

Fr Pete McCormick, CSC on campus

Holy Cross has founded and is administering great colleges and universities, working at any one of them is an exciting prospect. Not only do each of them carry a unique mission, but they all serve young men and women at an important time in their life. These young students are on their own, developing understanding and skills that will lead them forward into the world. Our colleges and universities have a wonderful opportunity to provide them with a good education and a firm foundation in their faith. They will be well prepared for life in this world with a clear vision of their call to a life in Christ. Being a part of this good work in some way or another is indeed something I would be happy to do.


Our priests and brothers also serve in engaging parishes all across the United States. Each parish has its own setting and personality, but they all carry the distinctive Holy Cross zeal for building up communities of faith. It is in the parish where one encounters the whole spectrum of a life in Christ, from the joys of baptisms and marriages, to the sorrows of broken lives and deaths, to the everyday work of bearing witness to Christ and nourishing the people of God in word and sacrament.

Day in and day out wonderful and important work is being done in each of our parishes. How could I not be excited about serving in any one of them?

Fr Mark DeMott, CSC teaching in East Africa

Holy Cross missions in East Africa, Latin America, and Asia also provide intriguing opportunities to experience the Body of Christ alive in the world today. Holy Cross is engaged in powerful work on behalf of many peoples in a wide variety of settings, often in parishes and schools just as we serve here in the United States.  Each location is slightly different and each group receiving our attention is unique, yet each location is distinctly Holy Cross.  Each ministry provides an engaging way to serve the Lord and His people. Each location offers a lifetime of meaningful service. 

Beyond our standard work in schools, parishes, and missions there are also the particular ministries that have come to life over the years. These include the direct service to the poor and afflicted in Phoenix, Arizona at André House, the ministry to families throughout the world through Holy Cross Family Ministries, the shrines of St Joseph and St. André in Montreal and Fr. Moreau in LeMans, France. These ministries also provide unique and important opportunities for service.

When I look through the many ministries of Holy Cross I cannot find one that I would rather do more than the others. Instead I find a whole range of opportunities to which I would happily be assigned. The great joy of religious life is that it is not left to me to decide. The community will consider my skills and gifts in balance with the needs of our ministries and our community. From there they will provide me with the next assignment where I will have the opportunity to engage in challenging and meaningful service for the sake of the Lord and His people. 

To look around and see these many great ministries, to see the challenge and joy that each could hold for me, and to see the wonderful people I could serve and serve alongside brings great excitement to my heart. I have no idea where the rest of my life in Holy Cross will take me. Yet I am positive that it will be full of challenging work, grace filled moments, and encounters that will draw me deeper into love of God and my neighbor.

If you are looking for something interesting, meaningful, and engaging to do with the rest of your life, come and join us in Holy Cross, there is plenty of great work to go around!

Prayer from the Tradition

Act of Desire
From the Holy Cross Directory of Devotional Prayer

Candidates lie prostrate asking God's blessing

My beloved is mine and I am his.
Yes, O my god, all is consummated;
 you have given yourself entirely to me,
 and I give myself entirely to you.

I come to offer myself undivided and irretrievably;
 in short, I will be yours forever.
I offer you my understanding that it be
 engaged in contemplating your greatness.

I offer you my memory that it may call to mind
 your blessings.
I offer you my heart that it may dedicate to you
 all its sentiments, its affections, and its inclinations.
I offer you my body and senses to devote them to 
 your service and good pleasure.

I offer you and I dedicate to you, my Savior, all 
 that I have and all that I am.

All is yours!



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