What We Do

Wherever through its superiors the congregation sends us we go as educators in the faith to those whose lot we share, supporting men and women of grace and goodwill everywhere in their efforts to form communities of the coming kingdom.

— Constitutions of Congregation of Holy Cross, 2:12

Following the vision of our founder, Blessed Basil Moreau, we continue the mission of Jesus Christ entrusted to the Church by serving as educators in the faith. As apostolic priests and brothers at the service of the Universal Church, we go wherever the Spirit and this mission carry us. We work primarily in colleges and universities, parishes, and missions at home and abroad.

In these diverse apostolic works in education, parish, and mission, we remain united by our common mission as educators in the faith, seeking, in the words of our holy founder, “always to place education side by side with instruction; the mind will not be cultivated at the expense of the heart.” This common mission is fortified and sustained by our common religious life. As a community ministering around the globe we build connections and foster exchanges across a broad range of ministries to enable those in the local Church to have a greater experience of the Universal Church.



One of the primary ways we serve the Church as educators in the faith is through educational institutions, including our four colleges and universities in the United States. Our work in these institutions encompasses all aspects of the school's life and mission so that we can fulfill our mission from our holy founder of never educating the mind at the expense of the heart.

Baptism at a Parish


Parishes, which are at the heart of the life of the Church, have also been at the heart of the mission of Holy Cross since our founding, when our priests traveled to parishes preaching missions. Today Holy Cross sponsors parishes in eight dioceses across the United States. 



Soon after founding Holy Cross, Blessed Basil Moreau sent our religious out in mission around the world. Missionary work, both at home and abroad, continues to be a staple of the work of Holy Cross as we seek to "cross borders of every sort" in bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to those thirsting to hear it.

Holy Cross Priests Walking in Moreau Seminary


In addition to working in education, parish, and mission settings, one key aspect of what we do as Holy Cross priests and brothers is "to abide so attentively to one another that people will observe: 'See how they love one another." Our community life together, including our common prayer and common table, is part of what we do to help extend God's reign in our world. 

University of Portland

Our Locations

As the United States Province in Holy Cross, we carry out our work on behalf of the Gospel in education, parish, and mission in locations across the United States and Mexico. We also have international districts in Chile, Peru, and East Africa.