The Cross, Our Only Hope

Cross Our Hope

Jesus entered into the pain and death that sin inflicts. He accepted the torment but gave us joy in return. We whom He has sent to minister amid the same sin and pain must know that we too shall find the cross and the hope it promises. The face of every human being who suffers is for us the face of Jesus who mounted the cross to take the sting out of death. Ours must be the same cross and the same hope.

— Constitutions of the Congregation of Holy Cross, 8:114

Blessed Basil Moreau gave us the motto "Ave Crux, Spes Unica - Hail the Cross, Our Only Hope". Our holy founder charged us to bring the hope of Christ to a world that hungers for meaning, purpose, and the promise of salvation. And his message still compels us today! The Cross is indeed our only hope - on it Christ laid down his life for us, from it poured forth God's mercy, and by it He has redeemed the world.

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI writes, "Jesus, who himself died on the Cross, brought something totally different: an encounter with the Lord of all lords, an encounter with the living God and thus an encounter with a hope stronger than the sufferings of slavery, a hope which therefore transformed life and the world from within" (Spe salve para 4). That holy encounter continues when we as priests and brothers of Holy Cross share this good news with those we serve in our ministries.

We are men with hope to bring. In our schools we bring the hope that through Catholic education the mind and heart might be lifted to God. In our parishes we bring the hope of the sacraments through which we encounter the saving grace of Christ. In our missions we bring the hope that peoples and lands can prosper in peace. In our service to the poor and the marginalized we bring the hope of Christian charity in the midst of suffering.

On our webpages, our buildings, and on our persons we place the emblem of the cross and anchors. Anchors are an ancient Christian symbol for hope. They bring permanence and reliability to lives which today are too easily jarred by fleeting change, indecision, and lack of commitment. These outward signs speak of an internal zeal to be men with hope to bring by proclaiming the cross as our only hope.

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