Sacred Heart of Jesus

Zeal is that flame of burning desire which one feels to make God known, loved, and served, and thus save souls.

— Blessed Basil Moreau, Christian Pedagogy

We have heard the Good News and have come to believe that Jesus is the Holy One of God. The Kingdom established by Christ is no earthly regime; it is the fullness of justice, love, and peace. In hearing and believing the Good News, we are compelled to offer our lives in service to the Gospel. This is not an easy endeavor. To answer the call and persevere in it, to be firm in one’s resolve and not grow weary, we must nurture a zeal that runs to our core. This zeal can animate our work and strengthen our resolve in the face of difficulties, setbacks, and challenges.

Blessed Basil Moreau gave witness to this very zeal as he formed the Congregation of Holy Cross in the wake of the French Revolution and as he navigated his fledgling community through financial difficulties, health problems, and natural disasters.

This zeal is seen throughout the history of Holy Cross in the priests and brothers who built up the first Holy Cross institutions with their hands and even with their lives. This same zeal is present in the missionaries who go into difficult and sometimes dangerous situations to proclaim the Gospel. And this zeal is present in the college residence hall rector who is always available for his students, the pastor who drops everything to attend to the family in crisis, and the professor who dedicates extra time to help a struggling student.

Holy Cross is an apostolic religious community, a community formed for the sake of the mission. Apostolic work is at the heart of our vocation. Our zeal for this work comes from our great desire to serve the Lord and His Church, which in turn propels us forward.  Our vows, prayer, and common life then sustain us in our work to make God known, loved, and served.

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