Ash Wednesday
Praying with Mary
  • Ash Wednesday

  • Praying with Mary

    Learn ways to pray to Our Lady to help you in your discernment. 

  • SSIP

    An exciting new opportunity for discerning high school juniors. Apply today!

Final Vows Special Feature

Final Vows Special Feature

In this Final Vows Special Feature, six Holy Cross Seminarians share with us what brought them to the seminary,  their journey through formation, and their thoughts on professing their Final Vows.

Meet the Seminarians

2014-15 CSC Seminarians

Over 50 Holy Cross seminarians from across the country have heard the call to give over their lives in a more explicit way. Learn more about them through these profiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

There are often many questions that surface in considering a vocation to Holy Cross. Your questions may be similar to those answered here.  


Vocation Discernment Retreats

Retreats offered throughout the year provide time away to reflect prayerfully on God's call and to learn more about the Congregation of Holy Cross. Find out which one is right for you.


In My Own Experience

Fr. Dan Ponisciak, C.S.C.

Fr Brian Ching, CSC with a St Joseph school student

Catholic schools provide a wonderful opportunity for students to come to know who Jesus is and what He is asking them to do with their lives. Read More >

To Hell With Hope

Fr. Chase Pepper, C.S.C.

An Illustration from Dante's Inferno, 1883

“What does that look like – a life of longing without hope?” Father, look around you. This is prison!” Read More >

A Man of Fearless Faith

Fr. Richard Wilkinson, C.S.C.

Blessed Basil Moreau

It may seem to be a flimsy sling shot but faith can fell our deepest fears and the foes within us and around us. Read More >

Feeling Ordinary

Fr. Jarrod Waugh, C.S.C.

The Body of Christ

We claim that this isn’t just any year, it is time to live anno Domini, and this isn’t just any time, it is time of grace.  Read More >

A Year of Firsts

Fr. Dan Ponisciak, C.S.C.

Fr Dan Ponisciak, CSC

This first year as a priest has been an amazing experience filled with many challenges and blessings.  Read More >