Becoming a Brother

Author: Br. Joseph DeAgostino, C.S.C.

Posted In: Brotherhood, Discernment, and Vocations

Mr Joe DeAgostino, CSC, and Mr Rob Yanik

In the following years, through formation as well as regular spiritual direction, I found the question of the life of a brother arising again and again within my prayer and reflection. Read More

Come Holy Spirit

Author: Office of Vocations

Posted In: Feasts and Spirituality

Dove in stained glass window, Bernini

 Is there a certain gift of the Holy Spirit that I know I lack, but would like to gain in order to serve those around me more full Read More

All in the Family

Author: Mr. Michael Palmer, C.S.C.

Posted In: Community and Universities and Colleges


As his pastoral year at the University of Portland draws to a close, seminarian Mike Palmer, C.S.C. reflects on how his residence hall has embraced its family identity in an amazing and unusual way. Read More

Pure Happiness

Author: Owen Williams, Mr.

Posted In: Community, Ordinations, and Vocations

Old College

The joy that I felt for my brothers as they became priests of Jesus Christ in Holy Cross was overwhelming, and I am so happy for them as they begin their priestly ministry. Read More

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